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Horror game Deluded Mind soon to be completed

Horror fans beware: The development of the horror game Deluded Mind of the Limburger Pyxton Studios, announced in the year 2016, is soon to be completed.

Contrary to the original expectations and aspirations of the developers to make the game available by the end of this year, this date is now postponed to mid 2018, as the development of Deluded Mind will take a few more months. A partnership with the online distribution platform steam has already been made by the developer Pyxton Studios.

The developers of Deluded Mind are committed to completing the game by the announced release period. A corresponding trailer for Deluded Mind will be released on YouTube a few months before the release of the game. In addition, the developer will actively report on the current state of Deluded Mind via social media platforms.

Date: 13th December 2017