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Announcing the Multiplayer Horror "Beyond Senses"

Are you looking for a new horror experience with a multiplayer mode? The German game developer at Pyxton Studios announced his new project "Beyond Senses" with a breathtaking trailer on YouTube. Plus, the release date has already been set: Beyond Senses will be released for PC on December 13, 2019.

Beyond Senses will present users with a completely new concept in multiplayer horror games. Instead of focusing the gameplay on just one game mode, the release version already has three different game modes. In addition, Beyond Senses has numerous features, which arguably set it apart from other current multiplayer horror games on the market.

The developer decided for an Early Access release because Beyond Senses can theoretically be extended indefinitely. Besides, the developer also wants to create an "unforgettable horror experience" with the help of the community.

The announcement trailer of the horror game is already available for viewing. You can watch the trailer on YouTube by clicking here:

You can find more information about development and gameplay on the games official Steam Page:

Official Website:

Date: 26th September 2019